How Much Does Shakeology Cost? Learn Exactly The Shakeology Price

How Much Does Shakeology CostFirst off thanks for taking time to read my post on how much does Shakeology cost. You will find exactly what you are looking for here. Shakeology is a meal replacement and honestly one of the best on the market (well you knew that, that is why you are here).  This Shake has been named “the healthiest meal of the day” by it’s maker Team Beachbody. For those of you who didn’t know Team Beachbody is the makers of many, many fitness workout programs such asP90X, Insanity, Ten Minute Trainer, and so many more.I know what you are thinking that is great Aaron but how much does Shakeology cost? Let’s get into that right now

How Much Does Shakeology cost?

There are a couple of different costs of Shakeology, 1. is if you want to just buy 1, 2, or whatever number you would like from our website You can get any of the flavors Chocolate, Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry, & Vegan Chocolate for just $5 per packet with free shipping & handling (this is for U.S. buyers only). Second option is to buy Shakeology from our Team Beachbody website and pay either $119.95 (regular chocolate and greenberry) or $129.95 (Vegan Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry) + shipping & handling normally around $10. At this price Shakeology is really a steal when is comes to what you are really getting for the price. You can also get combo packs from our Team Beachbody website (example 12 packets of Tropical Strawberry & 12 packets of Vegan Chocolate) for the same price of $129.95 same goes for the regular chocolate & greenberry. Most people get on home direct for Shakeology (FREE S & H), what is home direct you ask? You will automatically be charged every 30 days and be shipped your bag or packets of Shakeology. Understand that even if you are looking to just try Shakeology I would still recommend getting on home direct because you can call and change or cancel your order at any time no questions asked. Best thing of all is there is an 30 day money back guarantee on all Shakeology products.

How Much Does Shakeology Cost For Coaches?

Shakeology PriceYou probably are wondering what is a “coach”? Excellent question, a coach is an Independent Team Beachbody coach. Myself Aaron Decker is one of them and you can become one of 100,000+ coaches too. Best thing about becoming a coach (well besides being able to make a income from recommending and promoting things that you like) is the fact that you get a 25% direct on all your Team Beachbody purchases, yes you heard me correctly 25%. That means instead of you paying $119.95 or $129.95 for Shakeology you will pay $89.96 or $97.46 + S/H (unless you get it on home direct, which again I recommend then it’s free). Everybody says is just makes sense to become a coach and get the deepest discount possible on Shakeology. So what is going to be for you? 1. Becoming a Independent Team Beachbody coach today 2. Just be a customer of mine and get Shakeology for either $119.95-$129.95 (which is perfectly fine with me). 3. Just try out Shakeology on our website and see which kind with going to be your favorite?

The time is now, take action and don’t let yourself say man I wish I would have got some Shakeology a long time ago. I hope I helped you answer the question “How much does Shakeology cost?” Thanks for your time, please do share my post and leave a comment below as well.

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